Assume your situation is such that you HAVE to give up TWELVE of these values.
Select your top five value preferences, from highest (1) to lowest (5). Place your ranking numbers in the left column.


To accomplish something important in life, be involved in significant activities, succeed at what I am doing. Acquire, attain, excellence, expert, performance, productivity, win.


To be able to appreciate and enjoy the beauty around me, to be artistically creative. Beauty, creativity, elegance.


To experience variety and excitement, and to be able to respond to challenging opportunities. Endeavor , exhilaration, experiment, quest, risk taking, unknown thrill, vitality , zest.

Authority/ Power:

To be a key decision-maker. To direct others. To be in charge. Encourage, influence, inspire, lead, results, strength.

Autonomy/ Independence: To be independent, have freedom. To be able to do what you want, when you want. Free spirit, freedom to choose, individualistic, liberated, self reliant, unrestricted.
Financial Independence: To have sufficient income and assets to feel comfortable and at ease.
Friendship/ Family: To share life with family and friends. Collaboration, community, comradeship, connectedness, friendships.
Health: To be physically, mentally and emotionally well. To feel energetic and maintain a sense of well being.
Integrity: To be honest and straightforward, just and fair. Authentic, honest, loyal, sincere.
Intimacy/ Romance/ Love: To have close personal relationships, experience affection. Intimacy, love.
Pleasure: To experience enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Joy.
Recognition: To be seen as successful, receive acknowledgement. Appreciation, acclaim, high regard, mastery , praise, success, to be known for something, valued.
Security: To feel stable and comfortable with few changes or anxieties in your life. Protection, safety.
Service: To contribute to the quality of life for other people and to be involved in improving society or the world. Contribution, champion, generosity, giving, selfless.
Spiritual Growth: To have communication or harmony with the infinite source of life. Devotion, spirituality.
Wealth: To acquire an abundance of money and/or material possessions.
Wisdom/ Knowledge: To have insight, be able to pursue new knowledge, have clear judgement and be able to use common sense in life situations. Discovery , personal growth, understanding.

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