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"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to-be achieved." -W.J. Bryant

Important Links


Helpful Links



  1. www.askjeeves.com – a search engine that lets you ask simple questions to locate information or answers on the Internet
  2. www.ivillage.com – a site for women covering a wide range of topics of interest; finance, family, home, careers, etc.
  3. www.consumerreports.org – online version of Consumer Reports magazine; you can research nearly any planned purchases using their virtual archive of past issues. Subscription required.
  4. www.edmunds.com - information on car buying including dealer cost data
  5. www.compare.net - for comparison shopping and price/feature information for appliance and other purchases
  6. www.ssa.gov - the official website of the Social Security Administration


  1. www.homescout.com - allows buyers to check multiple listing databases all over the country
  2. www.eloan.com - another mortgage site; allows online applications and rate-locking
  3. www.bankrate.com - mortgage calculator


  1. www.indexfunds.com – terrific resource on the use of index funds, or passive investing, versus conventional actively managed mutual funds
  2. www.sec.gov - the Securities and Exchange Commission website; check out a broker or financial planner’s record; download a fund expense calculator to see the impact of expense ratios over time
  3. www.vanguard.com - the mutual fund company offers a site complete with investor education, information on opening accounts, and data on Vanguard funds
  4. www.schwab.com - the Charles Schwab website – use it to view account balances, market news, and services offered by the discount broker
  5. www.tdameritrade.com - the TD Ameritrade website -- view account balances, market news, and services offered by the discount broker
  6. www.MoneyCentral.com – Microsoft’s comprehensive financial and investment website; includes a great deal of investor information and the Reality Check column (money makeovers)
  7. www.quote.com - for securities quotes, news and investment research (you must subscribe)
  8. www.treasurydirect.gov – information on US treasuries, including how to buy direct without paying commissions, and everything you want to know about US savings bonds
  9. www.aaii.org - good tutorial site for new investors maintained by the American Association of Individual Investors


  1. www.quicken.com – this site is one of the most comprehensive sites offering personal finance and small business information, links, and many forms, worksheets, etc. that you can download for free
  2. www.kiplinger.com - online edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine; also includes a wealth of calculators, investor education, and more
  3. www.bloomberg.com - for financial news and analysis
  4. www.forbes.com – online edition of Forbes magazine


  1. www.healthcareshopper.com - for information and quotes on all types of health insurance
  2. www.medicare.gov – the government’s medicare information site; a very useful reference for seniors
  3. www.ehealthinsurance.com - complete online service to learn about, compare, and buy health insurance


  1. www.irs.ustreas.gov - the IRS website; information on forms, publications, and frequently asked questions.
  2. www.cch.com - tax research and analysis
  3. www.ftb.ca.gov/index.html - California Franchise Tax Board


  1. www.salliemae.com - features calculators for estimating college costs, savings needs, and student loan payments as well as a great deal of financial aid and scholarship information.
  2. www.finaid.com - comprehensive site on all aspects of financial aid
  3. www.fastweb.com - an online search service for locating scholarships
  4. www.csac.ca.gov - California student aid commission
  5. www.collegeboard.com - the college entrance examination board; information on SAT registration, preparation along with college searches


  1. www.monster.com - the Monster Board; a website listing employment opportunities in all fields, across the country
  2. www.careerbuilder.com - career and employment information


  1. www.calstrs.com – site for the STRS retirement program
  2. www.tiaa-cref.org – TIAA/CREF’s comprehensive website


  1. www.amazon.com - for buying books and music online at a discount - search by title, author/artist, or subject/genre, includes online reviews
  2. www.eonline.com - the E! Entertainment Television website - send greetings to friends, catch up with the latest entertainment news
  3. www.virtualflorist.com - send a virtual bouquet (or a real one) and a message to a friend
  4. www.bluemountainarts.com – send online greeting cards


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